Mkaa ya magunzi ~ Maize cob lump charcoal

Collect some dried maize cobs from a friendly farmer.
Using a mini-kiln, it takes about 3 hours to make a full ngodoro worth of maize cob charcoal (appx. 6kgs). 

Begin the carbonization process using the lid to control the air flow. Mix with twigs and branches for blended charcoal if needed.

Show your neighbors how easy it is to never buy charcoal again!  

Once finished, seal the kiln, let it cool for a few hours and voila! Your lump maize cob charcoal is ready to use!
Some great things to cook using maize cob charcoal on a Cookswell jiko:

A small 3 level charcoal oven (15,000ksh) 

And of course once the maize cobs have been carbonized they no longer emit as much noxious smoke!

Ted's famous Ten Minute ribs!

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