January Jikos!

Our stand at the Brookhouse Tedx day in November.

making a delicious coast lunch using coconut charcoal  a small 2 level oven (10,000ksh)

a medium 3 level with a No. 13 KCJ working hard at Borana Ranch

coconut charcoal burning hot and clean

Charcoal making class at El Karama ranch.

the mini kiln and dry coconut husk feedstock for charcoal making

A small 2 level oven on safari on top of the abadares

Making charcoal on the beech - best monday ever!

the large nyama choma jiko at the Packk Inn bar and grill Timau

coconut charcoal and the 3,500 mini kiln

a mini charcoal oven on a cold safari near camel rock New Mexico!

bake the best bread - el karama eco-lodge

serious eco-charcoal making students!

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