Cookswell Jikos and the Amari Bakery at the Nairobi Cake Festival 2014

We spent a wonderful Saturday meeting 100's of talented and very interested Kenyan bakers at The Cake Festival 2014 - a great day for a great cause (http://www.cake-festival.com/index.php/about-the-cause). Charcoal ovens + a mini-kiln being a cost effective and simple solution to high electricity costs and constant power outages were the talk of the day! Many thanks to the organizers and the wonderful Amari Quickbreads Bakery for co-hosting and baking some great cupcakes!


Cookswell Jikos around the world - see below for a list of countries where people are saving energy and eating well!

  • Namibia, New Zealand, Tanzania, Somalia, United Kingdom, Cambodia, United States of America, Haiti, Ghana, Holland, the Democratic Republic of Congo and of course Kenya - please scroll through the below pics and guess where each one is :)