Some recent pictures of jikos and charcoal kilns!

Four very good reasons why to make your own charcoal from dry maize cobs.
1. They are FREE!! (minimal processing required and are widely available)
2. Maize cob charcoal is very easy to make and leaves few charcoal fines.
3. It is easy to light, burns very hot with little ash and is perfect for cooking a quick meal.
4. Using maize cob charcoal means ZERO reliance on tree's or LPG gas for fuel, with a Cookswell Jiko you can bake, boil, roast and toast all of your favorite foods

on another note, there is even an excellent restaurant in Nairobi named after jikos!

The lower kabete woodfuel resource center +254 700 380 009

a barrel full of maize cob charcoal!

making maize cob branch charcoal

Delicious hearty whole-meal bread made by the students, ready to come out of the energy saving charcoal oven at Karen Blixen hospitality school... In the afternoon we are expecting chocolate chip cookies and orange flavoured shortbread to die for!!!!

quite possibly the best thing ever!

maize cob charcoal

Cookswell energy saving jikos held a day long woodfuel security demonstration at the Soysambu Conservancy on the 29th of September 2012 with the Chair-ladies from some women's groups of the 13 Communities that live next to the Conservancy. The Ceremony was led by Mr.Kinyanjui from the Cookswell Jikos and Graced by Lord and Lady Delamere. Among the hosts was the Managing Director of Delamere Estate, the CEO of Soysambu Conservancy and the Community Education and Awareness Officer.

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