Simple, Sustainable, Branch Charcoal Solutions

On June 9th The Woodlands 2000 Trust and Cookswell Jikos held a day long demonstration course in sustainable charcoal making for the Carnivore Restaurant. This method uses the Kinyanjui Barrel Kiln to carbonize small branches and twigs rotationally pruned from trees that coppice well. 

The best Kenyan 'nyama choma' (BBQ) has to be cooked on charcoal!
The kilns and some of the correct sized feedstock. Grow the fuel to fit the cookstove

Topping up the kiln - Charcoal making the easy way; no chainsaw's, earth mounds collapsing, na hiyo mambo ya kupanga raili na kuhepa maAskari.

Excellent charcoal made from only branches using minimal effort. High carbonization rates are achieved as seen in this photo.

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