Baking with your Cookswell Jiko - always remember to plant more trees!

A charcoal oven is an excellant piece of technology for bakeries in Kenya today. Due to the high cost of imported fossil fuels (LGP gas) and the raising cost and unreliability of electricity, a charcoal oven is an excellent choice for baking in Kenya. And they are fully portable and can come with a water heating tank which is very useful for cleaning and for raising certain breads faster.
All ovens are powered by regular charcoal that you can buy anywhere in Kenya, or if you want, charocal briquettes. The oven has doors for controlling the heat so you can regulate it depending on what you are cooking, no-mess ashtrays, skid-free rubber feet and is insulated all over for maximum energy efficiency.
Your oven also comes with 1 packet of acacia tree seeds so that you can plant a future source of charcoal for cooking with.

We also have excellent heavy duty charcoal space heaters @ 6,000ksh for keeping your customers cosy during dinner!

a customer inspecting a jiko

Go-Green Nysiti tree nursery all seedlings for only 50ksh each!

Put in the cakes once you have pre-heated the oven and then bake as you would on an electric/gas oven.

Jikos and tree seeds!

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