The Kinyanjui 'Cookswell' Jiko

Backyard BBQ'S! meat and potatoes and all things nice!

A nd for micro enterprises, this couple is starting up a new buisness

save up to 50% on your energy costs by using renewable energy, sustainably grown charcoal

A top quality convection oven, perfect for remote high end tented camps/lodges for all the baking needs on only a hand full of eco-charcoal.(Chardust Ltd. Nairobi.)

A huge energy/cost saver for strat-up enterprises, such as this small bakery in maasailand now producing over 80 loaves per day.

Perfect for picnics and mobile cooking and baking, pictured is a small size

Bake, roast and/or steam fish!

Baking, Roasting, Steaming, Toasting---Anywhere any time, rain or shine, and all this on only a handfull of our sustainable charcoal!
Established in 1992, Musaki Enterprises has led the way in innovation, efficiency and affordability in the charcoal cookstove market.
Our line of charcoal ovens are handmade by Kenyan artisans to the highest levels of quality and are tailored directly to our customers needs: from compact domestic and safari models to high capacity micro-enterprise, institutional and industrial scale models.
As with all ovens, the charcoal oven can perform a variety of tasks; baking, roasting, toasting, steaming and boiling. The amount of charcoal required varies according to the size of the oven and what is being cooked, but it is on average 40% cheaper then electricity and 15-20% cheaper then LPG gas. Unlike electric/gas ovens the charcoal oven can be used absolutely anywhere at any time and is powered by a renewable energy source.
Please get in touch with us on WhatsApp (+254700380009) or our main                                             e-shop www.cookswell.co.ke

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