Charcoal makers turned Tree Planters in Narok

Across the board most charcoal makers that i have ever met would rather be planting trees. When it comes down to a choice of how to make ones daily bread, tree planting is less dirty, not as hot, has less social scorn and of course zero police harassment. And the long term out-look on job security is greatly enhanced! The quickest way to putting a halt on the degradation of forests though inefficient colliers (charcoal making industry's) would be for landowners (public or private) to offer tree planting employment during the rainy season and then charcoal making employment during the dry season! (as it is very little charcoal gets made when it rains alot) After all the typical charcoal maker is much like a mechanic or a plumber; they are a skilled carbonization technition. And can become equally skilled tree planters.

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