Hybrid Energy Systems for Remote Places

Two complimentary household energy systems for living in remote places. Solar and Biomass.


Joby Elliott said...

I've wanted to build a gasifier for some time. I know plenty of people who would give me all the biomass I could possibly want if I would just come get it out of their yard (weeds).

Kinyanjui said...

do it! playing with fire is the best way to learn!
what do you want to use it for? they used to run cars with them during fueloil sortages in europe in WWII. you can also make a stationar genset with a PTO for electrcity etc.
watch out it doesnt explode...!

Joby Elliott said...

Someday (when I build my own house) I'd like to build a big gasifier, with the ultimate goal of syngas replacing natural gas for almost everything. Probably a generator too, to use any excess gas to charge batteries to supplement (or dare I say it? replace?) the power grid.

Grace Mwaura said...

Job & Teddy,
Talking of innovations, check this out!http://tinyurl.com/39esgry