Tree Planting In the Maasai Mara

On the 4th of Febuary 2009 we planted a barrier ring (wind, shade, fuel and visibility) around the O.O.C head quarters comprising of acacaia xanthoplyia, teclia nobilis and acacia poylacantha. When harvested, the branches of these tress in the next 6 years will be able to supply the fuel for cooking on the 'kuni mbili' (two sticks of firewood) type of energy saving cookstove used at the ranger post and HQ.


Eva said...

the idea is good, i however find it unsustainable. what happens after those 6 years? i think there will be a need to provide another source of the firewood then. should there be a plan instead that will ensure there is constant supply of the wood?

teddykinyanjui said...

Hi sorry, i was in a bit of rush and didnt fully explian it. Only the branches will be harvested. The Kuni Mbili Jiko is extremly effcient and i calculated the number of trees against the number of rangers cooking/eating with known yields. The tree of course continues living, and the branches coppice(grow back). Ensuring future energy sources. Right now they use a 3 stone fire and deadwood collected from the park.